Omer is an outstanding lawyer graduated from the UofK Faculty of Law with an honour degree in 1994. He has been representing clients with a great success in the last two decades. His practice left marks in the Sudan’s legal system and advocacy following his success in civil Litigation and criminal representation.


He represented Sundaneses clients in all courts and managed to gain a great reputation. Some of his clients includes Alkhandagwi Group and Mowaia Abirair Group of which he steered their legal representation inside and outside Sudan with an outstanding successfulness.


We in B&F believe he is significant development to the team and remarkable addition to our clients.


Consultant Mutwakil Al-Fadlabi Motasim ALNOUR Mohammed Y. Sayer J. MARJI Mohammed ISHAG Abdol Haleem Ahmed Ahmed Bannaga Adil A. Aziz O. AHMED Ali A. Jabar Amr Elhassan Abdel-Hameed ABDALLA Marwan Suliman El Rashid DABOK