Marwan Suliman Ali The Client Relations Director and Credited Real Estate Expert.

Marwan is highly experienced engineer works in the field of bidding and marketing analysis. His experience started in the oil industry at the White Nile Petroleum Company in 2005. Later joined several international consulting firms operating a cross Africa.


With his extensive experience in marketing analysis, pricing and tendering.  He was requested by B&F to join the team as part time consultant to manage new clients offers pricing.



Marwan Contact:

Mutwakil Al-Fadlabi Motasim ALNOUR Mohammed Y. Sayer J. MARJI Mohammed ISHAG Omer A. M. DAFALLAH Abdol Haleem Ahmed Ahmed Bannaga Adil A. Aziz O. AHMED Ali A. Jabar Amr Elhassan Abdel-Hameed ABDALLA El Rashid DABOK