Bannaga & Fadalbi LLP is an approach of young lawyers to provide a comprehensive legal service to the businesses and investments in Sudan. We have developed a competitive legal management programme LMP, which is running within our firm to provide the profession with a different view and competitiveness. Our programme provide better legal service with limited cost.


Advocacy in  Sudan has suffered due to the restrictions of the legal framework of the profession till 2014.  The Advocacy  Act of 1983 was amended in 2014 allowing law firms to be formed and provide better stream for legal consultancies. The new amendments paved the way to develop the legal practice addressing legal training, fees system and wider participation of young lawyers as associates.


B & F have touched the international demand on Sudanese law guidelines and advice.  This issue encouraged the partners to push for better training and participations in international conferences to link, not only for B&F, but the legal practice in Sudan with the world.  The partners have succeeded to publish books, articles and give notes in conferences to project the issues of commercial law and arbitration in Sudan.