Associate Lawyer – Central  Darfur State

Mohamed  is a young known practitioner in Zalinge his birth city in Central Drafur state. Graduated from Nyala University with LLB in 2016 and immediately called to the Bar in 2016.


Mohammed  had several cases representing international and local clients


He specializes in:

  1. Employment disputes
  2. Property
  3. Tort


Mutwakil Al-Fadlabi Sayer J. MARJI Mohammed ISHAG Ahmed Bannaga Adil A. Aziz O. AHMED Ali A. Jabar Amr Elhassan Abdel-Hameed ABDALLA Marwan Suliman Alrasheed DABOK Omer A. M. DAFALLAH Dr. Obida Al-Khlifa Motasim ALNOUR Abdol Haleem Ahmed