Rajae M. Amin Human Resources Management

Rajae is an experienced young and ambitious professional. Graduated from the prestigious UMST in 2014 and granted MBA in 2016 with distinction from the same University. He worked in several known corporations of which he became the Director of Human Resources  at Haggar Group in a limited time.


He specializes in:


  1. Organization development.
  2. Talent Management.
  3. Reducing Turnover Cost/rate.
  4. Employee Satisfaction/engagement surveys/action plan.
  5. HR Policies and Procedures Manual.
  6. Competency based HR functions.
  7. Designing Job Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation.
  8. Training need Analysis.
  9. Performance Management System
  10. Designing Compensation and Benefit structure
  11. Assessing working environment
Asim OSMAN Accounting Expert