The Fifth SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference Series 2 March 2019

B&F is proud to co-host the SOAS - Khartoum/Arusha Arbitration in Africa Conference. This conference starts the new phase in the SOAS Arbitration in Africa series. This year the conference, in addition to the development of arbitration in Africa, discusses one of the significant development in Africa’s economy, which is the African Continental Free Trade Area. This is the first time in the series, that two organizers from different countries are co-hosting the conference: The African Institute of International Law - AIIL (Tanzania) and Bannaga & Fadlabi LLP(Sudan).


The Arusha conference attracted over 200 registrants from twenty jurisdictions; eight panels with speakers from fifteen jurisdictions. Arusha is the home of the East African Court of Justice, the Peace Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan and the (former) International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Arusha is also home of the Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains.


SOAS conferences including this one, offer attendees the opportunity to network, meet their fellow Africans who are into arbitration, exchange contact details and business cards; and do remember to consider these people when next they have the opportunity to recommend arbitrators or experts or tribunal secretaries.

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